UL 1805
CE Certification

Features of products


use 1.2mm steel stamping , surface treated with acid and alkali resistant EPOXY powder paint coating treatment. The three modular cabinets, upper cabinets (fume hood), intermediate (operation table), base of the cabinet (including one-side cabinets and side separate independent pumping water, electricity, piping system accommodates cabinet design).

Automatic window management system

The System consists of sensors, obstacle detection sensor, electric motor, electronic clutch, electronic brake protection, emergency switches and other components. Starting Electric lift through human sensory mode window. It can be configured via the built-in sensor VAV valve and achieve constant air volume (0.5m/s) control of fume hood. After staffs leave, Windows shut down in 10 seconds automatically , face velocity dropped to 0.3M/s and turn to energy-saving mode.


Lined split or combined lining using fiberglass materials.


Made by 19mm epoxy resin plate, and has the advantage of corrosion-resistant, antibacterial and anti-static.


Professional lighting equipment by two (15W) LED energy-saving lamp. Lamp mounted on the top of hood and quarantined by the steam-proof glass cover inside the fume hood. (800 Lux)


Windows Transmission system consists of a metal sprockets, chains, synchronizing shafts and other devices.Balancing system prevents sash tilting and can be one-hand controlled.


Use 5mm explosion-proof glass.Internal use of pituitary balancing device, can stay in any position. Window opening height: 0~900mm.